Greetings Duluth Bowhunters!


Thanks for a wonderful and safe 2013 Duluth Archery Hunt!  The ABA Board is pleased and proud of the participation and successes that our hunters once again delivered to the Duluth community.     


Just an FYI that you will need to keep current on this website for notifications and planning for the 2014 Hunt.  You can begin taking your proficiency tests at either Chalstrom's or Custom Archery as of 22 March 2014.  Application materials and the actual application is now live.  You must login using your username and password in order to find the online application link at the top of this page.  Deadline for applying and getting in all of your paperwork will once again be 30 June 2014, at 6:00 PM.  Please do NOT wait until 29 June to start planning.  You will not make the deadlines, and you will not be hunting in Duluth in 2014.  



Yea, we know there's still a pile of snow out there.  And yes, we also know that trekking thru the woods right now isn't easy.  Thus, the ABA has suspended the 31 March deadline for retrieving stands from public lands.  We're not even going to put a date to the deadline at this point, given the unpredictability of this stupid winter.  So, when the average shed hunter can get around the woods, then it's time to begin retrieving your stands from public lands.  Once the Board begins receiving complaints about stands left hanging, we will impose a deadline and post it here.  Stay tuned.       



For those interested, the ABA has posted the results of the 2013 hunt in three different presentations.  For those that just want the cliff notes version, and don't care much about statistics, please click HERE for a simple summary.  This is the presentation that most folks will find mildly interesting.


For those who really like to dig into the harvests, and see what's really going on, who's shooting how much, and other such meaningless summary statistics, please, by all mean, help yourself to this cool stats summary HERE.  Most folks will find this stuff mildly useless.  It's provided for the two or three of you out there that are as sick as Bork, and want all of the gore that a true numbers-junky thrives on! 


Lastly, 2013 hunters were asked to complete a year end survey.  For the approximately 1/3rd of you that cared enough to fill it in, the results are HERE.  If you didn't care to take the 2 minutes to fill in the survey, you probably won't care to take the 5 minutes to read about the results.   


The ABA Board thanks you all for your support and participation.  We look forward to another successful season in 2014.  Best wishes to all of you in the New Year!  


Click HERE for a description on how to apply for the 2014 Hunt 


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