Tentative 2018 Application List

Below is the list of all individuals that have applied for the 2018 Duluth Bowhunt. Seeing your name here does NOT imply that you’re already in. Plus, there are mandatory Orientation Nights and perhaps Lottery Night. Look at the DHA ASSIGNED column to see whether your presence is required at Lottery Night. Since Bork is… Read more »

Lottery Night is Next Wednesday

Just a friendly reminder that Lottery Night will take place next week: Lottery Night Date 6:30pm Wednesday July 18, 2018 Location Clyde Ironworks 2920 W Michigan St Duluth, MN 55806 218-727-1150 facebook

Application Closed for 2018

The deadline to apply for the 2018 Duluth Archery Hunt is now over and the application is closed. For those who have successfully applied you will be receiving an e-mail confirming that your application and required materials were received in the following weeks once the applications have been processed. Please allow some time for this.… Read more »

Proficiency Testing Closed

Proficiency Testing is now over for 2018. You now have 3 days left to get your application submitted to the ABA for the 2018 hunt. The application deadline is and always has been 6:00pm June 30. This mean your completed Part 2 of the Application and payment must be deposited in the ABA mailbox by… Read more »