Meeting to discuss hunter number reductions May 5, 2017
When: 7:30pm Wednesday May 17, 2017
Where: Duluth City Hall Room 303

ABA board of directors will be hosting a meeting to discuss hunter number reductions for the upcoming season. Given the 2016 wind storm and the damage sustained, as well as a loss of public lands due to development and bike trails, the ABA Board feels some DHAs simply cannot comfortably handle previous hunter numbers. The Board will be meeting to discuss this topic at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, 17 May, in Conference Room 303 at the Duluth City Hall. This meeting is open to the public.

Online Application is Live March 20, 2017

The online application is now live. Remember you have until June 27 to take your proficiency test and 6:00pm June 30, 2017 to have your online application submitted AND part 2 of the application printout received at our P.O. Box location.

Proficiency Testing is Now Open March 16, 2017

Materials have been delivered to Chalstrom’s and Custom Archery for proficiency testing to begin. Get in early and get it done.

Proficiency testing to begin soon March 13, 2017

Proficiency testing likely won’t start until March 18. Application links Part 1 and Part 2 will not be live until later this month.

Speak up now on additional bike trials in Duluth February 23, 2017

Duluth hunters, if you have any conflicts with bike trails and continued expansion of bike trails, now is the time to speak up. Here is an online community mapping tool where you can drag and drop your own markers and leave comments about your concerns:


There are other hunters already setting their own markers and leaving comments. Please look around for these other map markers left by our hunters, click on them to see the comments/concerns – you can like the markers and individual comments to help support each other and add your own comments/support and get our voices heard. The bike community out there is referring to us hunters as only a secondary user group of no importance or concern to the city. Let’s prove them otherwise.