BOWFEST 2017 July 20, 2017

August 4th-6th

Mont du Lac Resort

Facebook Event

Call to Register Now 218-626-3797

Or go online to book http://www.tempotickets.com/bowfest2017

Limited Availability. Lodging & Camping Onsite.

Weekend Events

  • 60 Rinehart target shootout (all new from Moose to Mosquitos). Shoot with all known distances and three stations: Advanced (up to 80 yards),Hunter (up to 55 yards) and beginner (up to 25 yards).
  • FREE – Pond shoot with 3D carp, frogs, alligators, etc.
  • FREE – Kid learn-to-shoot bows and targets.
  • Many novelty shoots (Thousands of dollars in prizes)
  • 200 yard Ravin Crossbow shoot (win a $2,000 bow)
  • Friday night “After Dark” 10 target shoot with ski hill lights and lighted nocks $9.99/person special (19.99 normal price) **limited space Lighted Nocks not included. But Available on site for purchase.
  • FREE – Personalities: Driven With Pat and Nicole; Drury Outdoors with Matt Drury and Taylor Drury; Dream Season with Steve Coon; Bow Madness with Jared Lurk, Bric Steward, Brandon Jennings, & Greg Glesinger; Babe Winkelman
  • Live Music Featuring: Freebird, Bryan Lewis, Rage N Country


  • Weekend pass (includes shoot, personality and concerts) $79.99/person
  • Weekend pass (Family members non-shooters) $19.99
We Need Hunt Coordinators! July 20, 2017

We have a few lined up, but most DHAs are still in need of someone to take the reins for the day-to-day management. This typically isn’t an onerous task. Most HC’s just have to deal with end-of-the-year reporting requirements. But should a hunter have conflicts with another hunter or landowner, often you’d be the first point-of-contact for the hunter(s). We will point out that in every incident over the last 12 seasons where an HC has rendered a decision regarding discipline issues between hunters, the ABA Board has ALWAYS backed and supported the original decision of the HC.

You may be asked to help track a wounded deer, or assist with forming a posse to do so. Generally, the ABA gets a report of an incident from the City or the PD. We’d likely contact you first to see if you know or have heard of anything.

Anyone want to step up and help the ABA with being a Hunt Coordinator? Contact us!

2017 Tentative Hunter Roster July 20, 2017

Please note, this is a tentative roster. All this means is that you’ve been placed into the Hunt contingent upon you attending one of the two mandatory Orientation Nights. At this point, your checks will be turned over to the City of Duluth.

2017 Tentative Roster

Please look up your info. It is sorted alphabetically by last name, but only the first three letters are displayed. Are you still in the DHA you think you were placed into last night? For all past hunters, is your Hunter ID correct? Even for those folks that have skipped a year or three, I like to keep your Hunter ID the same as in past seasons. Just helps out my master database. But I may have accidentally overlooked a few of you, especially for those that are prone to apply as “Bob” one year, and “Robert” the next. Please let me know if you need a Hunter ID number changed.

Download the 2017 Rules. Please be aware of them. Come to Orientation Night with any questions. We’ll answer them at that time in a public venue. If you have the question, likely 200 others do as well.

Respectfully, Bork and the ABA Board of Directors

Meeting to discuss hunter number reductions May 5, 2017
When: 7:30pm Wednesday May 17, 2017
Where: Duluth City Hall Room 303

ABA board of directors will be hosting a meeting to discuss hunter number reductions for the upcoming season. Given the 2016 wind storm and the damage sustained, as well as a loss of public lands due to development and bike trails, the ABA Board feels some DHAs simply cannot comfortably handle previous hunter numbers. The Board will be meeting to discuss this topic at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, 17 May, in Conference Room 303 at the Duluth City Hall. This meeting is open to the public.

Online Application is Live March 20, 2017

The online application is now live. Remember you have until June 27 to take your proficiency test and 6:00pm June 30, 2017 to have your online application submitted AND part 2 of the application printout received at our P.O. Box location.