There will be no extensions – deadlines are still the same May 1, 2020

We’re getting lots of inquiries asking us to extend the proficiency testing period. The ABA has already reserved the venue and date for Lottery Night. We will NOT be extending the deadline for testing.

Chalstrom’s is open for testing, you just have to call first and make an appointment. Custom Archery in Superior is also still open for testing, no appointment needed.

Mark Your Calendars – 2020 Dates February 21, 2020

Lottery Night

6:30pm Wednesday July 15, 2020

For more information, see the Lottery Night page.

Primary Orientation

6:30pm Wednesday July 29, 2020

Make-Up Orientation

6:30pm Sunday August 16, 2020

For more information, see the Orientation Night page.

Proficiency Testing

March 1, 2020 – June 27, 2020

Remember, NEW for 2020 there are more options available for hunters with 5+ years of Duluth hunting experience to qualify. For more information, see the Proficiency Testing page.

Application Deadline

6:00pm June 30, 2020

For more information, be sure and view the Requirements.