Heart & Liver Drop-off October 31, 2016
Final day to drop off Hearts is November 8th!

Just a reminder that before you leave town for the MN Firearms Season, please remember to drop off your hearts for the UMD Medical School’s upcoming heart dissection lab. You can continue to drop off livers throughout the season.

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980 should now be working September 20, 2016

The Minnesota DNR has assured us that you can now use area 980 to register your deer. Please do NOT use 182 any longer. Area 182 only allows you to harvest 4 antlerless + one hunter’s choice. Area 980 is unlimited. If you register 6 deer under 182, expect a visit from Kipp Duncan, MNDNR Conservation Officer, for an explanation.

Register Your Deer with the MN DNR in Area 980, Supposedly… September 19, 2016

Once again the Minnesota DNR failed to set up the system to accommodate the Duluth Hunt as they had indicated they would. Over the weekend, hunters were unable to register their deer as having been harvested in 980. We are not sure why. We spoke with MN DNR officials back in July, and they assured us that this would be flawless in 2016. Hopefully this will be rectified this morning. If you are still unable to register your deer in 980, just register with the MN DNR as 182, and MN DNR officials in St. Paul can fix all of your records once they have the system working correctly.

2016 Rules July 26, 2016

The new 2016 Rules Manual is now available. You can view/download here:

2016 Rules Manual

It is your responsibility to know these rules. Please read careful and come prepared with any questions you may have at orientation night.

2016 Lottery Results July 25, 2016

The 2016 Lottery Results can be viewed here:

2016 Lottery Results

Please note that seeing your name on this list does NOT make you a 2016 Duluth Hunter. It means that your presence is required at one of the two Orientation Nights, where you will receive a DHA map, Rules Manual, Arm Band and Hunter ID card, and 2016 stand tags.

Please review this list. Make sure that the DHA you think you were assigned to matches. Also, returning hunters need to make sure that your 2016 Hunter ID number matches that from 2015. Please contact us ASAP if it is not correct.

288 Returning Hunters were placed into the 2016 Hunt. 165 (57.3%) of these individuals were assigned to their first choice DHA, and did not have to attend Lottery. A total of 240 individuals (83.3%) received their First Choice, and another 20 (6.9%) received their second choice DHA. A total of 90.3% of Returning Hunters received one of their two choices.

73 New hunters were placed on Wednesday Night. 19 of these folks (26.0%) actually received their first choice DHA. An additional 9 received their second choice (12.3%).

If you have any questions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us.