Online Application is Live

The online application is now live. Remember you have until June 27 to take your proficiency test and 6:00pm June 30, 2017 to have your online application submitted AND part 2 of the application printout received at our P.O. Box location.

Proficiency Testing is Now Open

Materials have been delivered to Chalstrom’s and Custom Archery for proficiency testing to begin. Get in early and get it done.

Proficiency testing to begin soon

Proficiency testing likely won’t start until March 18. Application links Part 1 and Part 2 will not be live until later this month.

Speak up now on additional bike trials in Duluth

Duluth hunters, if you have any conflicts with bike trails and continued expansion of bike trails, now is the time to speak up. Here is an online community mapping tool where you can drag and drop your own markers and leave comments about your concerns: There are other hunters already setting their own markers… Read more »

Mark Your Calendars!

2017 Application Deadline is June 30th. 2017 Lottery Night is 6:30pm Wednesday July 19 2017 Orientation Nights are: 6:30pm Wednesday August 2 4:30pm Sunday August 13

MN DNR public engagement meeting to discuss deer management goals

6:30pm – 9:00pm February 22, 2017Room W2630 Lake Superior College People interested in deer will have a chance to discuss goals and values that could define Minnesota’s first-ever deer management plan in a series of 12 public engagement meetings the Department of Natural Resources will host throughout the state between Tuesday, Jan. 31, and Thursday,… Read more »

Heart & Liver Drop-off

Final day to drop off Hearts is November 8th! Just a reminder that before you leave town for the MN Firearms Season, please remember to drop off your hearts for the UMD Medical School’s upcoming heart dissection lab. You can continue to drop off livers throughout the season. View Drop-off Locations

980 should now be working

The Minnesota DNR has assured us that you can now use area 980 to register your deer. Please do NOT use 182 any longer. Area 182 only allows you to harvest 4 antlerless + one hunter’s choice. Area 980 is unlimited. If you register 6 deer under 182, expect a visit from Kipp Duncan, MNDNR… Read more »